Tire Repairs

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Here at Super Tire Shop we offer first-class services for your tires and brakes. We pride ourselves in making sure that your tires are in good shape and properly maintained. Even new tires need continual maintenance, especially if you commute or travel long distances a lot. Our tire repair technicians can help with tire blowout, air leaks, replacement, updating to higher quality tires, and general repair for the normal wear and tear.

Tire maintenance includes tire inflation, tire balance, alignments, repairing a flat, and tire rotation to even out wear and to extend the life of the tires. If done correctly, regular tire installation and maintenance can improve gas mileage and overall driving performance. If needed, we will help you pick new tires that fit your driving style, vehicle specifications, and your budget.

You can also get new tires or used tires in a variety of different models that are popularly known for their durability and reliability. Specific types of tires, like those designed for off-roading or difficult weather, may also be available.

To learn more about our tire repairs and auto maintenance service options when it comes to tires, check out Super Tire Shop in Sacramento, CA!


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